An overview of the College

The College is considered a national educational project aiming to prepare competent healthcare calibers who are ready to unlock their energies and potentials for the sake of building a knowledgeable generation that is capable of serving its country and wise leaders. Graduates earn a Bachelor’s degree in one of the medical specialties offered by the College. Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Tabuk offers the following specialties: Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Medical Imaging Technology, and Medical Laboratory Science.
The College’s role is not merely confined to the academic and professional preparation of students in their relevant specialties; however, its role far extends to assisting graduates in the appropriate recruitment process through collaborating with various competent entities.
Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences are centered on three pillars which outline the core of our approach and actions:
  • International recognition of our high-quality education;
  • Leadership in scientific research areas;
  • A solid and effective basis for serving the community and society.

The College’s facilities

Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Tabuk is an exceptional educational facility. It plays a vital role in realizing the Saudi’s vision in its developmental plans through educating, training and preparing exceptional and creative Saudi calibers in the healthcare and medical sector. This role serves in providing the local labor market with competent calibers in order to meet the needs of hospitals, medical centers, and institutions for offering outstanding services to citizens and the community. Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences have embraced community partnership programs and mutual collaborative relations with healthcare sectors on the local and international levels. The College offers equal opportunities to all applicants who meet the conditions for academic achievement and training based on the values of justice, integrity, merit, personal efficiency, transparency, and equality. The Colleges’ admission policy is based on linking specializations to the labor market and meeting the requirements of health development in the Kingdom. The College is also committed to applying the best international standards and scientific practices in its educational programs and plans to achieve excellence and ensure that students of both genders achieve the highest levels of qualification and training as they are the true beneficiaries and the primary strategic partner in the educational process. Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Tabuk has witnessed a growing registration rate from male and female applicants in the region due to steady development in general educational output and a common yearning for enrolling in university education, particularly health specialties in response to the labor market needs.

The University Level

Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Tabuk offers a distinctive educational environment for students of both genders. It attracts competent faculty members and is equipped with the latest laboratory and clinical equipment to achieve graduate competency standards for local Bachelor’s degree holders in applied medical specialties. The specialties offered by the College are those that are highly demanded in reality and represent the future needs of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Specialties offered in the Academic Year 1439 / 1440 AH

Male Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Emergency Medicine
  • Bachelor of Nursing

Female Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (BSc. in MIT)
  • The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science